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Carrie Wollack Consulting

Early Childhood Consultant

Advocating the Best Practices for you and your Child



"...discovering not so much the limits and weaknesses  of children but rather their surprising and extraordinary strengths and  capabilities linked with an inexhaustible need for expression and  realization." 


                                                                                                        Loris Malaguzzi



Parent Coaching

Individualized Plan for Teaching Staff

School Observation

Supporting Educators, Young Children and Families in Early Childhood Education Settings in the Bay Area

It can be extremely stressful and frustrating to hear that your young child is struggling in his/her earliest school environment or displaying behaviors that are disruptive, hurtful or concerning in any way. Often times the struggles manifest themselves in different or similar ways at home. As an experienced Early Childhood Educator, Carrie will help develop strategies and tools to make children, teachers, and families feel more in control and successful.



1.  Initial Parent Interview:  Carrie will discuss your child and issues you are concerned about that may have been addressed at the school. The focus of the interview will be to gather basic info about your child, including any challenging behaviors, your concerns, as well as your child's interests and temperament.


 2.  1Hour Observation at School: With the schools' permission, Carrie will observe, take notes and consult with the teacher about your child, in order to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of any challenges your child faces and better understand your child's place in the classroom.


3.  Support Plan for Teachers and Family: Following the above steps,  Carrie will create  a tailored plan focusing on strategies, tools and other supports for the teachers to use in the classroom.  Teachers are often receptive to working with an experienced teacher/consultant to implement tools that will enable them to enhance each child's classroom experience.  

Preschool Assessment Program: Identifying Your Child's Needs..


4.  Follow Up with Family and or School: The focus of this meeting- 3 to 4 weeks after implementation of the support plan is for parents to meet with Carrie and discuss their child's progress resulting from the implementation of the tools developed for their child. This can also be done through email and or video conferencing. Carrie can make 2-3 more visits to school to better support the implementation of the plan if needed.

About Carrie

Carrie Wollack

Carrie Wollack

Carrie Wollack graduated with an M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Mills College and a Special Education Credential from Mills College. She has 13 years of experience working with young children as a Preschool and Pre-K teacher including the 2007 launch of "The Google Children's Center at the Woods." Carrie's education and her teaching background has focused on deepening her understanding of holding a strong image of children, advocating the rights of children with different learning styles and ways of approaching the world, as well as, mentoring other teachers in order to work more positively with children who display challenging behaviors. She has spent her career and education in schools that encourage learning about the practices in Reggio Emilia Italy, play- based learning and emergent curriculum.

Carrie approaches the teaching profession as an art. "Teaching should focus on forming strong relationships with children and providing authentic and intriguing learning environments. Teaching involves continuous problem solving, reflection, and connecting the practice with developmentally appropriate communication and strategies that meet the needs of individual children." As an Early Childhood Teacher at Google, Carrie has had extensive experience in individualizing learning environments, curriculum and communication styles designed to meet the needs of each child.


"Carrie thinks outside of the box and creates a positive environment for children, families and colleagues."

- Karen (Manager at Google 2016)


 "Carrie creates a safe learning environment for her students and her colleagues-without judgment or criticism."

- Wynne (Colleague at Google 2016)

"My son was getting lots of negative feedback about his behavior at school. I hired Carrie to observe him, his environment and the teachers. She went in and gave both the teachers and our family suggestions and insights that were incredibly helpful and easy to implement. These have helped guide us in supporting our son and lessen the negative feedback. I also feel better equipped to be an advocate for my son and his learning style. Carrie is perfect in this role as she is able to bridge the communication gap between parent and teachers. Her style is upbeat, friendly and direct. Carrie is focused on what the child can do and what individual plan will help behavior improve. Her guidance helped both the teachers and I be less defensive so we could focus on positive ways to change challenging behaviors in my son's classroom."

- Parent 2017

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